Joe Stone x Camden Cox – Mind Control

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Joe Stone x Camden Cox - Mind Control

I don’t know why you talk to me
Like you’re all in
Like we’re something
You said you’d never fall for me
So why you calling
early morning?

I told you before just to say if you like me or not
You know how I feel about you baby why don’t you stop?
One minute you’re here then you’re gone cuz you say it’s a lot
All that we got
All that we’re not

And if this is mind control
You do it to my alright
Think about you all night
You won’t let me let you go I
Can’t get you out of my mind
My mind my mind my mind
Mind control

I wanna give you all of me
I been trying
But you deny it
Oh baby
I can’t even fall asleep
Without fighting
Hypnotising, is all you do to me

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