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Life is good as you are.

Living in millennium years is not easy to handle all the times. Especially, if you’re living in a metropolitan city like New York, London, Paris, Berlin, Istanbul, and many others. Career, education, family, and personal improvement might become challenging at a point where your focus is shifting a bit more on one of these fields rather than paying attention equally to all of them.

I’ve recently discovered a life changing book which helped me to keep my motivation high and enlightened me with the golden rules to manage my life. I would label this book among the best books of 2019 or even the best books of all the times. Some people call this genre self growth or self improvement books, but I’d rather call it motivation or simply a bible of success. Although usually psychology books help you to organise your life as long as you believe in them, they get more validation if they are written by an academician dedicated long years on how human brain works. Therefore, you’ll hear exactly the voice of your head coming alive when you read the book Mindset of Dr Carol Dweck.

The book mainly focuses on fixed and growth mindset concepts in all areas of life; career, parenting, education, personal relationships, and marriage. The author mainly focuses on getting success of each area by working on it rather than blindly believing it naturally comes. Therefore, it comes as a slap in face to those are prided for years by their close friends and families, and stuck in the mindset that they are genetically talented or gifted, rather than working on their abilities and improve them. It also gives you golden tips how to improve your career, balance your family life, parenting, personal relationship which eventually brings you peace of mind.

Every successful work needs effort and hard work, we all agree on this statement. However, the point here is to focus on creating interest towards achieving it. Effort and trying is not enough. To be able to be consistent, there must be an interest to keep you motivated and going on. This book is a solid example of the results when you’re working hard in a consistent way. Therefore, it is a treasure for managing life. It is not a book to br read once, but rather to keep it on your shelf and read it again and again in different stages of your life.

There is a new version of the book recently published in 2019. Therefore, it is highly probable to find it among the best selling nonfiction books on physical stores like Waterstones in The UK, or you can buy a physical or audio version from Amazon, and other audiobook stores. You can also have a look on book reviews on Goodreads if you’re interested.

If you like this genre, I’m sure you’ll be impressed as me dear audience. Please feel free to leave a comment if have read any similar book so that we can exchange and share ideas and opinion.

Stay happy and prosper.

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