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If you look for a funny suspenseful book which can make you read it at once or few days, I would recommend you to read one of Sophie Kinsella’s books. Although she has a great style, I need to admit that I’ve read better works of Kinsella. Still I would recommend it if you’re looking for a distraction of your busy life. For those who want a quick overview, here is the story:

A married couple who discovered that they’ll probably spend more than 60 years together which caused a panic in them and triggered the action of being fun and making surprises for each other in order to keep their marriage alive. Sylvie is coming from a wealthy family who used to be the princess of her dad. After her father died, she went through a high depression process. Dan, her husband, was very supportive in this stage. He is coming from relatively middle class family and got everything by himself rather than trusting his family wealth. At the last chapters of the book, there is a secret of Sylvie’s dad which everybody knew, including Dan, and the hide if from Sylvie. Eventually, she discovers it, but before that she thought Dan is cheating on her. Although the book starts with surprises, it mainly focuses on the Sylvie’s dad’s secret.

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Woman fiction is not my type, but interestingly the book was short and made me read it quickIy. You don’t simply need to think or learn anything in this genre books. It’s just the imagination that you need to use and it really helps to refresh your brain if you’re involved in multiple assignments like me. I’d simply recommend you the other books of Sophie Kinsella as well if you need something fun to read. Plus, Kinsella has a great wording and you’ll definitely learn some fancy phrases such as “vincit qui se vincit” and some fancy places which might be useful if you’re Londoner 🙂

Enjoy dear Book Lovers!


Stay prosper 🙂

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