Joker Movie – Why Joker is a star

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Have you ever thought about the worst thing that you can do in your entire life? The biggest madness, the biggest fault, or the biggest mistake… If you’ve watched Joker, you’ll probably understand what I’m talking about.


Arthur Fleck is a comedian performing in small entertainment events. He is one of the nicest people I’ve ever met. He has a medical condition which makes him laugh in inappropriate cases and gives him hard times. People around him his colleagues, friends are rude to Arthur and he still is very nice. One day he shots 3 strangers who were bothering him in the underground and this starts a movement among poor people in the city. When the truth about Arthur’s life was uncovered, this triggers his alter ego and he becomes insane enough to kill mean people around him.


When you watch Joker movie the feeling that somebody has to bring the things in line in society makes Joker a hero. It shows the grace of humanity. It is a great example how good people can be mean if their limit is crossed. Of course, the movie was an exaggeration, but the message that bad people should have what they deserve uncovers a very deep meaning of human belief system. Isn’t that what keeps the majority nice in society? The belief of being good person will bring them peace and nice future ahead. That’s why we all love Arthur Fleck and we love Joker even more.


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