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I would like to tell you an inspiring story of a young cancer fighter whom I came across in a Ted Talks video in 2018 (unfortunately, the video does not have English subtitle/translation). She was an amazing person, with an intensive positive energy, and a beautiful heart. Her name was Neslican Tay.

I’m writing this post to honor her soul, to create awareness, to inspire other people, to remind doctors about the importance of their role, and to remind all of us how tiny problems we do actually have in life.

Let me give you some background about the story before I start. Neslican was a bright high school student who was interested in basketball and athleticism. During her preparation to university exams, she started to feel a pain in her left leg and went to see a doctor.  Doctors ignored her complains and simply didn’t pay enough attention as she had an active life which may cause muscle pain from time to time. It was too late when they realized that the pain was more than a muscle pain, and in fact, it was a tumor creating the pain in her leg. Neslican was strong enough to fight with the news. She lost her left leg, but continued to fight the tumor and was able to overcome it 3 times.

Neslican was so strong that once she said that she was more than a leg. She had a brain, she had feelings, she was aware of the world around her, she had energy. Last week, she posted a video in her IG profile announcing that she has to fight that silly parasite tumor again. She was determined to survive again, and it was obvious that she never stopped being brave and strong. However, her body was weak this time and she couldn’t overcome high levels of chemotherapy. Unfortunately, she has passed away recently.

Considering what she has gone through, I would like to remind you that you are the luckiest person on Earth as long as you are healthy. My point is, stop complaining about things that you can change. Stop creating drama in your life. Stop being lazy, and stop thinking that you have serious problems. No matter how old you are, do not think that you are late for things which you haven’t done yet. Live your life as you can. Be hardworking, inspiring, strong, and don’t let conditions and people discourage you or let you down. There are people who want to be in your shoes and be as healthy as you are.

We will always remember Neslican as a peaceful warrior in our lives.

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