Pannanny cakes – breakfast crown

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Hi everyone,

After a quiet weekend, I think we can slightly ignore heavy summer diets 🙂 Although I love clean food, it doesn’t make me fat if I allow myself a nice treat once a month. So, my time is now 🙂  Personally, I will dive into fruity Nutella pancakes. For those who would like to join me, here is the recipe:


2 eggs

100 gr sugar

400 gr baking flour

300 ml milk (semi-skimmed preferred)

1 pack of vanilla

1 banana (sliced)

50 gr Nutella

10 strawberries/blueberries/raspberries

2 spoons of corn flakes (preferably the ones with dried fruity pieces)

Start with scrambling the eggs. After making sure it’s well done, you can the sugar and keep scrambling 10 min more. Later add the milk, flour, and vanilla.

Add a soup spoon of sunflower oil in a pan and add a big spoon from the mixture. Fry it until it looks ready and put Nutella at the top of your pancakes and add banana slices plus the berries and, finally, sprinkle the corn flakes.

I can smell freshly cooked pancakes 🙂


Enjoy dear audience 🙂




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