Makeup revolution “Autumn is here”- natural autumn make-up secrets 2019

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Sad news: September has almost gone. So, it’s time to shake and talk about serious stuff. What? Don’t you think make-up is a serious topic to speak in Sep Equinox 2019? Yes, it is…This list is more than a magical secret make-up list. It is prepared for people who want a change and refreshment. Let’s have a look:

Clear skin

Skin is one of the most important parts of our body. A clear skin will help you enhance your make-up. Besides the daily routine, cleaning the skin twice a week will not only help your outlook, it will also slow down aging. If you want age, but with a young look, do it! Take care of your skin.


Smokey eyes

With clouds and less sun ahead, eye make-up becomes a important outline. Even if you don’t have any other equipment, well applied smokey eyes make-up can save your day.


Natural dusky lipstick

People are usually divided into two; coffee vs. tea lovers, cat vs. dog lovers, meat lovers vs. veggies, lipstick vs. mascara fans… So, if you want a simple, but eye catching daily make-up, you need to pick one of those two. A dusky lipstick would be one of the best options if you are a crusted lipstick fan.


Natural eyebrows

Eyebrow trends are so naughty and change frequently. Those who remember 90s trends will notice how we are back in reality nowadays. 90s eyebrows: only two lines above your eye was not good enough for humanity, but rather for robotic looks. So, thanks to fashion leaders for bringing us back to reality.


As you might have noticed while reading this post, I’m obsessed with natural make-up. There are much more important things than spending zillion billion hours on make-up. Keep it simple, but eye catching. It shouldn’t be a burden, but a pleasure.

Stay prosper and happy dear audience 🙂

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