Stranger Things – it’s more than upside down

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Recently, everyone is crazy about Stranger Things. After 3rd season being released, there are lots of posts, shares going around in social media. But, has anyone ever thought why we are so crazy about the show?

Here are the reasons why: 


Although there is adventure in most of the sci-fi shows, Stranger Things has a different content. You’ll see multiple groups collecting clues and evidences in every season without any exception.

Each group faces danger while getting closer to the “unknown” in each episode. Dustin is usually with Steve, El is with Mike, Max, Lucas while J. Hopper and Joyce together are looking to kill Demagorgon. This makes the show more dynamic and non-boring.

Retro Sweets

Another point that makes Stranger Things so good is its timeline. TV show represents 1980s which every adult has something to remember. Low technology makes the content simple to understand while putting a smile on faces when we see something familiar from our childhood. Moreover, it depicts an interesting side of  (Cold War Era) super powers’ conflict of the time – Soviet Union and United States.

Sparks of Today

TV show touches today’s existing topics such as LGBT and parallel universe. For example, when Steve tries to talk with Robin about his emotions and her response demonstrates it was an issue in history as well. That is, mass media previously wasn’t so brave as it is today.

Also parallel universe is a trendy current topic at NASA. The show touches to it at a level of 1980s which makes it even more attractive.

Long story short, the success of Stranger Things is hidden behind what we want to see and hear.

Hope you all enjoy reading this and get why WE LOVE Stranger Things.

See you next season.


Stay prosper dear audience!


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