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London, one of the “MUST SEE” cities in life. Some people really like it while others do not. If you have plans to visit London you should ideally do it in June since the rain is comparatively less and weather is not really hot. You should definitely visit the highlights of the city such as Coca Cola London Eye, Big Ben, Tower Bridge, Madame Tussaud and many other museums and parks, but I’ll mention about less-know, secret, and beautiful places to see and unique activities to experience in this post. I’ll mention about how you can spend an unusual day in London far away from any drastically crowded place. Before we start the journey, please imagine yourself as a London visitor.

1.It’s your first day in beautiful London and you want to have a calm relaxing day before you start enjoying the crowded London attractions. You woke up in your blue hotel room which is all with white bed sheets.

2. You really had a good sleep last night and would love to start to your day with a fantastic buffet breakfast. In order to have more options, I would recommend you to stay in central London so that you have access much easier to most of the restaurants. So, back to breakfast, since you’re in UK, it’s good to try British breakfast right? I would say OXBO Bankside might be a good choice as they serve British buffet breakfast with high ratings of their visitors. If you’re not a breakfast person, you can grab a coffee from one of the parks nearby since they are more unique and original than any coffee chains across the city.

3. After starting your delightful day, you decide to keep the flow in the same level. Now, as in next stages of Maslow’s Piramid you’re curious. You want to tell your friends about something brand new when you’re back home. You didn’t read it from my post, but one of the best spots to visit is Word on The Water in Kings Cross. It is a floating bookshop with embedded early 20th century history. You can feel timeless while you shop you favorite English books.

4. Now you’re proud of yourself because you’ve seen a nice less-known, but highly rewarding place.You’re already happy and would like to crown this happiness with a pinch of nature, but still with an original idea. Hmm.. Maybe I can recommend you to see Kew Gardens. It is visually and in nature different from The Royal Parks. So, you MUST see it, right? The journey from Words on The Water to the gardens will take around an hour, but it is really worth if you need a calm and unique start to your London journey. It’s huge beautiful botanic garden integrated with a fantastic architecture. It gives you the feeling of being lost in heaven among the plants rolled in white. Don’t forget to grab something to eat on your way, as I wouldn’t recommend to eat in there due to the limited options.

5. Your journey in the gardens took a few hours, but anyway. You’re happy, relaxed, and satisfied. After refreshing among the green feeds, the best thing to would be to have a dinner in Coppa Club in Tower Bridge. They have a tasteful interiors and highly inviting menu. The only thing is that you need to book it in advance since it a popular spot with private room and personalized tables.

You’ve spend you day-off in London, and you’re strong enough to blend into the crowd and ready for a fast track actual London Trip. I hope this relaxing pre-journey post helped you to recover after your flight and maybe sleepless travel while allowed you to treat yourself in advance 🙂 I’ll share more about London in future posts and let you know in details more and more.

With Love,

From London

Note: Please also share your experiences in different cities so that you can also be helpful to someone else 🙂

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