#MurderMystery – thrillers not always need to be scary

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After releasing “Dead to Me” Netflix actually continues to focus on relationship related murder movies and shows. Murder Mystery is another project released with the same genre. Nick (Adam Sandler) and Audrey (Jennifer Aniston) are 15-years married husband and wife who end up in a murder story in their anniversary trip in Europe. Audrey loves murder novels and Nick is a detective. So, you can imagine where the story is going on.

They meet a famous murder novelist in their flight to Europe and accept his invitation to spend a weekend on his family yacht. After they accept the invitation, they enjoy couple of days until people on the yacht start to be murdered. The entire story starts afterwards. Nick and Audrey are suspects anymore. But, this a murder comedy and they enjoy the whole journey.

The magic of this movie comes from all the action created to solve a series of murdered people, but it wasn’t all about that. There were some emotionally attached scenes where sending secret messages to couples. For example, Nick couldn’t pass his detective exam including target shots for years while he prick one of the killers to save his wife Audrey. Additionally, story plot is a nicely placed and there are also messages sent to the detective story lovers. In the last scene of the movie, they continue on their holiday with Orient Express which send us, the audience, if we like it something new might be coming later 🙂 since Aniston and Sandler are a great match in this genre. So, why not?

Let’s wait and see all together.

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